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Read Stories from State of the Territory News on Google Maps!


St. Thomas 𑁋 For nearly two years, all of the stories and updates published by State of the Territory News have been available on Google Maps. Every month, hundreds of people happen upon our Google Maps listing and some of them even click on our updates — that allow them to read stories directly from our website.

These are likely first time readers. Google Maps — and YouTube — have slowly been transformed into social networks right before our eyes. The transformation has been granular, taking place over the course of a decade thanks to Google, who owns both products.


Google’s mapping app helps with nearby suggestions, restaurant recommendations, and even helps you find the fastest route home before ask. Businesses and brands can now share offers, blog posts, photos, and general updates for users to see when navigating — and exploring new places — in Google Maps.

You can now follow the Google Maps listing for State of the Territory News to begin seeing our updates first in your feed. Check out our listing and if you love us (or hate us) leave an honest review so we can continue improving our products for readers like you.