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All the Places You Can Read Stories from State of the Territory News


What’s all this hype about social media in 2019?  No clue — but we wanted to share 8 ways you can read State of the Territory News online. We’ve listed 8 popular social media platforms State of the Territory uses to deliver news to every type of reader out there.

We even have a dormant Snapchat account that was abandoned after 2018’s controversial app update. Follow us on Snap at (@sottvi).

Most of the profiles below take only two clicks to follow or subscribe:


1. Facebook

Starting with our most popular traffic channel, Facebook is the biggest traffic channel for State of the Territory News providing updates to over 30,000 impressions per Month. This is also where most of our reader engagement happens and acts of activism begin to unfold in the territory. You can follow our stories on Facebook here.

2. Instagram

Instagram isn’t the most news friendly social network, but we’ve managed to stay creative with our posts and stories. Though Instagram, we offer snippets into the news of the day. We also follow some of our favorites local pages and show love when we have time! Coming to this platform will also be more interactive videos and news including Instagram Live! You can interact with us here

3. Twitter

Doing our best to stay on our Twitter game, you can follow our tweets at @sottvi right here. The world changes on Twitter now — no pun intended.

4. LinkedIn

For the business professionals in the back, you can also follow our stories on LinkedIn. State of the Territory is currently the only (well, the first) online news source based in the Virgin Islands to have a LinkedIn presence.

Our growing partner network builds resumes as well — more on that later.

5. Google Search

We’re also on Google Search, a good chunk of our monthly traffic comes through organic search, which makes Google our fastest growing traffic channel. We thank you for all the support, you can check out our 5-star rating here!

Tip: If you use the Google Assistant or a Google Home unit, try asking “when does State of the Territory News open?” Sorry, you can’t ask for news updates — yet.

6. Google Maps

So we are a little proud of this accomplishment but did you know that State of the Territory News is the only online paper in the Virgin Islands that provides news to Google Maps users? No, seriously, type ‘State of the Territory News’ into Google Maps — thank us later.

Because the world doesn’t stop changing when you’re on the go. You can also follow our listing to keep up with news from the Mint Team. You can follow our listing for future updates here — thank us later.

7. YouTube

We have a YouTube channel as well. Subscribe to get updates to future videos and influencer collaborations!

8. Newsletter

Finally, we created a special solution for our readers who don’t always browse the internet or consume news through social media. Many asked to receive email updates about our stories and now we have a solution. Introducing the State of the Territory Newsletter

Here, the team will compile and share articles for the month and deliver it to the email(s) of your choice. Readers that sign up are automatically entered into our cake giveaway that kicks off in mid-August. Happy reading, you can sign up for our newsletter below.