Wendy’s Took a Swipe at McDonald’s on Social Media Before Opening Second St. Thomas Location


St. Thomas — Wendy’s took a swipe at McDonald’s on social media just a few days before the fast food chain was set to open a second location in St. Thomas. Wendy’s reshared an article published by State of the Territory News a few weeks ago and the unexpected shade nearly knocked me out of my chair when a team member sent the screenshot.

In a post just days before opening its new location in Four Winds Plaza, Wendy’s Virgin Islands said, “All we are trying to do is stop the epidemic of heated up pancakes out of the plastic.” McDonald’s was not explicitly mentioned in the post, but the fast food chain reshared our article titled McDonald’s is Spending Big on Ads as Wendy’s Expands East in St. Thomas which was published in late January.

Source: Facebook

Is this an escalation? Is it a food war brewing? Could this be a customer service revolution? The fast food chain also wants to show Virgin Islanders “how fresh Pancakes are done at Wendy’s DAILY for breakfast #WeDoNotCutCorners.”


Honestly, this is the turf war I’ve been waiting my whole life for.

Source: Facebook

McDonald’s started partnering with local taxi drivers on St. Thomas last year by placing targeted advertisements on safaris around the island. The new ad campaign might seem really important for the largest fast-food chain on the globe, but McDonald’s may begin to feel the heat from an aggressive Wendy’s expansion on St. Thomas.

The new Wendy’s location also came with a brand new parking lot for most of Four Winds Plaza.

The new location in Four Winds Plaza has a modern design, keeping in line with Wendy’s push to “upgrade at least 70% of its North American store base” to a sleek, contemporary design by 2020 according to a Wendy’s spokesperson. It also has a double driveway with fairly short wait times, which is an improvement from longer lines at the fast food chain’s Havensight location.

Wendy’s is pretty tough when it comes to social media. What else should we expect from a burger joint that released the most underrated mixtape of 2018?

We expect to prioritize news coverage to highlight this beef in our content lineup all year. 😉🗞

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