Ulla Muller Students March To Envision Futures For Career Day


Dozens of Ulla F. Muller Elementary School students filled the Moravian Highway to showcase their careers of interest for family, friends, and commuters during Career Day on November 22. The event helps students visualize the overarching goal of their academic journey—embarking on a fulfilling career, according to Muller Principal Carolyn Archer.

“Being able to expose [students] to the vast array of options at their fingertips just to pique their interest about what is possible is so powerful,” Archer said. “We want the students to envision themselves in these careers contributing to society.”

A large portion of students was seen representing careers in the growing trades and technology industries—areas they are encouraged to consider as careers. She Continues,


“We want our students to consider careers that are uncommon or are becoming more prominent, such as jobs in the technology industry,” Archer said. “In the area of technology, there are so many opportunities for students to explore from gaming to cyber-security. It’s not only about gaming, but it’s about finding solutions to issues that plague our community, such as sustainability and power generation.”

Muller sixth-graders O’Ryan Davis and Widkensley Jeune expressed a joint desire to start a business, but they also envisioned their individual goals for careers in construction and engineering.

“I chose a career as a construction contractor because I enjoy building different things, such as houses and other buildings,” Davis said. “My grandfather is currently building a house, so I go and apprentice with him so that I can learn new things. I am learning how to run wires, lay blocks, plumbing and electrical, as well. When I get to high school, I’m excited to take the different CTE classes because I’m interested in learning to engineer, as well.”

“I chose a career as a civil engineer because I enjoy building houses, roads, and bridges,” Jeune said. “I also like to design structures and then build them. For materials, I mostly use bricks and sometimes I incorporate metal or wood. When I’m building a structure, I think about a design that will be durable and strong.”

Archer works hand-in-hand with teachers to help students achieve their full potential and she sees Career Day as an important part of students’ realizing their dreams.

“If students realize that people just like them have been able to be successful, then they can see that it’s not impossible for them to pursue these various careers,” she said. “That’s why these Career Days are so crucial. Being able to have people come back to share their experiences and knowledge helps children see that they had the same start as these professionals.”

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