Trump Cases Are Being Dismissed at Record Speed


According to CNN Trump’s Campaigns are being thrown out of court at an alarming rate. Even with the clear misinformation, and misuse by the Head of the Department of Justice Bill Bar, The Trump Campaign has failed to provide any substantial evidence of national voter fraud or a national conspiracy.

This seems to be another failed attempt by the Trump Campaign to undermine the democratic process, which is the foundation of the United States, and just like this election Trump once again has to seem to face another loss.

Watch the video below:


Below are Some of the Cases that the Trump Campaign have pushed forward


Multiple legal battles over the Keystone State’s election laws were underway well before Election Day, but this week, the Trump campaign upped the ante. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said in an interview that “there has been a lot of noise about litigation” but it has had “zero material impact” on the electoral process. “The count has continued. Legal votes are being tallied and soon the commonwealth will respect the will of the people and certify a vote,” he said. Since Tuesday, the campaign has filed at least five separate lawsuits, with mixed results:

1. To compel Philadelphia election officials to stop counting ballots.

A federal judge dismissed the request.

2. To compel state election officials to allow Trump campaign officials closer observation of the counting process.

3. To compel Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and all 67 counties to impose an earlier date for voters to show proof of identification if it was not on their initial ballots.

Litigation is ongoing. The presiding judge ordered all counties to segregate ballots if the voters do not provide supplemental identification by Nov. 9. The ballots with supplemental identification provided after Nov. 9 cannot be counted until approved by the court.

Local Republicans filed a separate suit against Boockvar in state court, alleging she subverted state law when she issued guidance telling voters with deficiencies on their mail-in ballots to cast provisional ballots, and trying to prevent those provisional ballots from being counted. A state judge denied that request, but ordered officials to segregate provisional ballots from voters who submitted deficient mail-in ballots before election day.

4. To compel the Montgomery County Board of Elections to stop counting mail-in-ballots

The campaign and Republican National Committee filed suit to halt the process of counting mail-in ballots in Montgomery County, one of the counties in suburban Philadelphia, alleging that the board of elections was counting 600 ballots that had not been placed in secrecy envelopes and was therefore not complying with requirements. Pennsylvania election data shows Montgomery county overwhelmingly voted for Biden.

The litigation is ongoing.

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