Tia Mason’s ‘Black Cocoon’ EP Rises to #5 on U.S. Reggae iTunes Charts in One Day


St. Thomas 𑁋 In just under 24 hours, Tia Mason’s newest extended play titled ‘Black Cocoon’ debuts on the iTunes U.S. Reggae charts at #5 𑁋 Pressure Busspipe’s ‘Rebel With A Cause’ is currently at #4.

Starting off with the first track ‘Addicted’, Tia starts the album with a melodic reggae ballad, warming listeners up to her musical transformation. Her soft vocals ring through in the first track, setting an intense musical tone for her 8 track collection. The artist shared the extraordinary milestone on social media today.

VIRGIN ISLANDS 🇻🇮 people stand up …. Nobody can never tell me nothing about y’all … you guys put me at #5 on the…

Posted by Tia Mason on Saturday, November 16, 2019

Skimming through the tracks of ‘Black Cocoon’, it becomes clear that Tia’s theme for this tiny collection of hits is all about love and an affectionate musician longing for more. She even flexes her chanting skills in her song ‘Overdue’ that starts off with the lyrics, “Anything you want I’ll do it.”


One of the more intoxicating tracks on the EP, ‘Nice Up’ starts off with Tia cooing, “Love the life you live, live the life you love.” ‘Nice Up’ is sprinkled in positive vibes, gratitude, and an appreciation for friendships she holds dear.

It’s the weekend, and Tia’s newest collection introduces a melodic downtempo sound, a sound that effortlessly showcases the transformation of her musical abilities. ‘Reggae Sweet’ is an ode to the genre that captivated the 80s and continues to influence music around the world today.

You can stream Tia’s new album ‘Black Cocoon’ on Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify or purchase the collection on iTunes and Amazon Music.

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