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Stacey Plaskett Rolls out Black History Month Video Series on YouTube


St. Thomas — It’s Black History month and elected official in the territory are sharings stories of perseverance to inspire constituents. Last week, Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett rolled out a short-series on YouTube to highlight prominent figures in Virgin Islands history.

In the past six days, the Congresswoman’s office in Washington, D.C. has released 7 short videos highlighting Virgin Islanders who made history and changed the territory’s course for the better. The series also cites notable events in U.S. history that affected African Americans and influenced the broader African diaspora.

Videos are meant to be watched, so I’ll stop talking. Here’s the Congresswoman’s series — in chronological order:


1. Shirley Chisholm and the Presidency

Source: Wikipedia
Shirley Chisholm and the Presidency

2. ‘Tulsa Race Riot’ in Oklahoma (1921

Source: Tulsa World
‘Tulsa Race Riot’ in Oklahoma

3. The slave insurrection on St. John (1733)

The slave insurrection on St. John ended in 1734, making it one of the earliest and longest slave rebellions in the Americas.

Source: Your Black World
The slave insurrection on St. John (1733)

4. Harlem Renaissance (1920)

Source: Literary Art
Harlem Renaissance (1920)

5. Week in Review

The Congresswoman goes over her week in Washington after the passing of John David Dingle and the start of hearings this week, staring with Transportation and Infrastructure. Plaskett details how how House members are beginning discussions of new bills.

She also talked about new bills involving government transparency that are being explored and talks with officials connected to U.S. territories in the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Week in Review – February 8, 2019

6. Staff Picks for Black History Month

Congresswoman’s Staff Picks

7. Ronaqua Russell

Ronaqua Russell

The Congresswoman is also tweeting some of her favorites on Twitter. You can see a couple tweets below: