Readers Changed the Name of @sottvi with 50+ Parody Possibilities 𑁋 See Reactions


Several days ago, we asked readers, “if you could change the name of State of the Territory News to anything you wanted, what would it be?” The responses were pretty hilarious, so we decided to put a short article together listing them all for the record.

While changing our name to one of these parody titles was tempting, Facebook’s rules sadly won’t allow us to be great. So we listed them all with light edits to fit our website’s format:

(emojis included)


1. “Live & Direct Wid Yo Mudda”

*President Mapp becomes Chief Editor*

2. “Buh Wah Deh Say!!”

3. “School Chirren Say”


5. “Today in the Colony”

6. “Word On the Street is….”

7. “Check a Scene Noh?”

8. “Political Bacchanal”

9. “Captive Melee Online News”

10. “Madness Deh Bout “

11. “You Hear Deh Bam?”

12. “Mouth Open Story Jump Out”

13. “Wheel Bend and Story End”

14. “The Bovoni Times”

15. “Dehman!!!!”

16. Check Ah vibe

17. “Dem Man Say…”

18. “Aye Real Talk…”

19. “Yo Check?!!”

20. “Ayo Ain Hear…”

21. “Punging Melee Responsibility”

22. “Melee & Malarkey”

23. “Roogoodoo”

24. “Buh Look Joke…”

25. “JEEZUM BREAD!!!” 🔥🔥

26. “Wa Deh Rass News” 😂 #Genius

27. “Tek Cyard” 💀💀💀

28. Clap Back News Team 👀

29. “We Don’t Talk Girst, We Duz Clap Back.” 🤣

30. “Eh eh” 🤔

31. “Mind Eh ☝🏿”

32. “Dinner bells ringing MS’s!”

33. “The Cantankerous Times”

34. “Long Time I’n Write a Bang Chune…..🤫 Lang Time We’n Write Old News!!”

35. “Buss Chest Chronicles”

Note: Read the Buss Chest Chronicles from the Mint Team’s editor

36. “Deh Bam”

37. “Well, Back in Deh Day…” 👵🏾👴🏾

38. “Mehson I Gah Bam”

39. “Uh huh! Buh Look Joke!”

40. “Buh Look Joke!”

41. “Trushie Melee”

42. “Yuh lie?!” 😱

43. “Woii”

44. “Wootoop We Live!”

45. Yiteeeeeeep!!!!!!!


47. “Hear This F*ck Now”

48. “Ayo News” or “Ayu News”

49. “Setty Fowls and Where to Find Them”

50. “You’n Hear Dis From Me But…”

51. “Safari Stories”

52. “Stories from the Trench”

53. “Under the Kenip Tree”

54. “340° News”

55. “18,-64”

56. “Who Vex Dead”

57. “Blowing the Shell”

58. “VI RealPress” 🌚

59. “Every Pan Wah Knock”

60. “The Roogoodoo Column” 🙃

61. “Wah Bruck Tro Weh!”

62. “Ah Yo Hear Bout This News?”

63. “Mehson I Gah Bam”

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