Positive Nelson Features in Popular Pro-Cannabis Magazine ‘DOPE Life’


St. Thomas — Commissioner Nominee for the Department of Agriculture, Positive Nelson is breaking out of traditional norms — in a huge way. Positive Nelson, who was tapped by Governor Bryan earlier this year to head the Department of Agriculture in the U.S. Virgin Islands is proving that he too can master the art of digital marketing.

Nelson, who was instrumental in the passage of medical marjijanna legislation in the Virign Islands has set his sights on legalizing canabis for recreational use in the territory. In an interview with DOPE Life, Postive Nelson is surrounded by marijuana plants and quite literally appears to be in a state of nirvana while talking about next steps in legalization on the federal level.

This is uncharted territory for a Commissioner of Agriculture. But most notably, uncharted territory for a Commissioner Nominee and a first for the U.S. Virgin Islands. You can watch the full interview here, where the former senator appears to be channeling Snoop Dogg, or himself.


Nelson also mentioned that he would focus on the restoration of indigenous plants, bringing back native species and expanding forests in the territory.

Governor Bryan recently launched a personal Twitter account that he actively uses. The governor also maintains a Government House Twitter handle, signaling that social media could continue to be an asset to any government agency with a solid public relations strategy.

The department recently partenered with Senator Alicia Barnes to improve the Alfredo Andrews Elementary School’s appeaance. The Department of Agriculture donated two picnic tables to the school and delivered three truck-loads of mulch to lessen the amount of dirt in the surrounding area. The mulch will act as a dust suppressant, a boost for student, faculty and staff that suffer from allergies.

The Northern Mariana Islands became the first U.S. territory to legalize marijuana for recreational use, if Positive Nelson’s campaign succeeds, the Virgin Islands may become the second.

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