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Plaskett says Trump declined to testify because his impeachment trial wasn’t “wild” enough


As House impeachment managers narrowed their sights on President Donald Trump’s legal defense’s vulnerable areas, the Senate voted to allow witnesses today. The impeachment argued that Trump’s January 6 rally, which happened just before a violent mob of Trump loyalists, breached the Capitol Building as lawmakers and former Vice President Pence worked to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The House managers said that the former president’s speech, delivered before a violent insurrection, was not an isolated event and was part of a broader campaign to delegitimize state election results that didn’t favor him. It was also an attempt to frustrate the American people and incite a rebellion in the nation’s capital.

Responding to growing online chatter about calling Trump as a witness, Plaskett tweeted, “We sent him an invite to the gathering. I guess it wasn’t ‘wild’ enough.” Most remarkable about his second impeachment trial is the graphic evidence that House managers presented to the world, which included video footage entirely new to the public.


“We have in this room made monumental decisions. You all have made monumental decisions,” Plaskett said during the impeachment trial. “We’ve declared wars, passed civil rights acts, ensured that no one in this country is a slave.”

The evidence, coupled with public reports that exposed how Trump tried to subvert the election results to tip the already certified race in his favor, was damning for his legal team. “Every American has the right to vote; unless you live in a territory,” she added. 

After House managers succeeded in forcing a vote for witnesses early Saturday, they backed down on calling witnesses after the measure passed. The Senate ultimately voted to acquit Trump for a second time, missing the 67 votes needed to convict him. 7 GOP Senators voted with Democrats.