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We’re Announcing a Partnership with Millennial Leaders United Today


U.S. Virgin Islands 𑁋 Today, we’re announcing a series of partnerships with a local organization 𑁋the first of its kind since publicly launching in early 2017. We’re also extremely proud and excited to announce that today is the official launch of Virgin Islands-based community action and political action organization, Millennial Leaders United. Our newest partner, Millennial Leaders United seeks to:

  • Connect millennials with local, national and international leaders to affect positive change in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Leverage the skills within the Virgin Islands and the broader Caribbean diaspora to boldly innovate our islands.
  • Be a staging ground for every generation to organize, participate, and improve the U.S. Virgin Islands by boosting voter registration and voter turnout in each district. 

The MLU cabinet began initial talks with State of the Territory News in the summer of 2019 and struck a significant partnership with the Mint Team shortly after. Since then, the online newspaper’s parent organization, Mint Consulting assisted the MLU team with its desired organizational structure, marketing strategy, and of course its messaging and policy development.

State of the Territory’s founder and product manager, Amaziah George later joined the MLU cabinet as the interim communications advisor in order to form a more effective and impactful partnership. By the end of 2019, an inclusive, youth-led organization was born with a mission to “bridge the divide in politics and our communities by cultivating and nurturing multi-generational collaboration,” founder and product manager of State of the Territory News, Amaziah George said in a statement.


Cabinet members of Millennial Leaders United consist of:

  • Director, Liston Gumbs III
  • Shakilah Liburd, Administrative Assistant, Shakilah Liburd
  • Media Coordinator, La’nae Charles
  • Director of Strategic Partnerships, Yohance Henley
  • Community Outreach Liaison, Nikki Fernandes
  • Research and Technology Coordinator, Dennis Gonzalez
  • Content Creator & Graphic Designer, K’Jani Hall
  • Shaulia Todman-Henley, Policy Advisor
  • Communications Advisor, Amaziah George

We’re also pleased to share that MLU has successfully brought on two additional partners as the organization moves to rapidly expand the scope of its mission. To date, MLU has brokered strategic partnerships with Everyting Bless, KJ Dezīn, and State of the Territory News to boost and amplify its messaging in 2020. “Through initiatives like voting drives, civics lessons, and community engagement, Millennial Leaders United seeks to add a new dynamic to the political landscape of the Virgin Islands,” MLU Director, Liston Gumbs III said in a press statement.

Each partnership is significant because they give MLU a clear and defined messaging strategy 𑁋 and robust communications strategy that began rolling out this weekend. “It was important for our team to build strong partnerships while leveraging the strengths of those partners to ensure we could sustain our growth,” Director of Strategic Partnerships, Yohance Henley said. “Our first three partners have allowed us to expand rapidly with impactful messaging.”

MLU has also said that it will begin to broaden the scope of its mission to include disaster recovery and disaster mitigation by partnering with existing long-term recovery groups operating in the U.S. Virgin Islands. State of the Territory News has also agreed to use its existing network and muscle in media to connect MLU with new partners over the coming months.

In a recent announcement, the Mint Team announced that two of its members would be attending the Congressional Black Caucus 2020 National Black Leadership Summit: An Emergency Convening. The event will take place in Washington D.C. and State of the Territory’s creative director, Makiel Cepeda and our founder will be in attendance. This underscores one of the first major networking events our online newspaper will be able to connect the MLU cabinet with on a national level. 

The summit will discuss civil rights, systematic attempts to reverse policies and programs that affect people-of-color, social justice, and a wide range of issues developing in the nation’s capital. “When State of the Territory launched in early 2017 with just one writer, it was built with the idea of one day connecting the U.S. Virgin Islands through community projects and grassroots activism,” Amaziah added. “I am unbelievably pleased to see the vision of the Mint brand expand with the addition of Millennial Leaders United and our amazing partners.”

In the coming months, State of the Territory News and MLU’s existing partners will share new developments and information about public events for networking, including voting registration initiatives in each district. “Today, we are calling on residents and individuals with deep ties to St. Croix and St. John to add to our vision and even join our cabinet as we push to become more inclusive and work to diversify our long-term mission,” a statement from the MLU cabinet reads. “MLU is eager to be a staging ground for community engagement in the Virgin Islands and our team will share details about new and upcoming partnerships later in 2020. Together, we can make it work!” 

Follow updates and development from Millennial Leaders United on FacebookInstagram, and TwitterYou can learn more about Millenial Leaders United and read their first public announcement here.