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If you’ve followed State of the Territory’s posts for much of the summer, you’ll know that The Mint Academy launches in less than 30 days! Before I dive into any of my upcoming courses or offers, I’d like to help my audience — you — understand all of these new developments.


State of the Territory News is still the same online newspaper you met in early 2017. After losing nearly 90 articles in June, a slight branding refresh was done, a new name was chosen and several social pages were merged for consistency. The daunting task of republishing — and updating — 90% of those articles before December is in full swing.

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A new structure was formed to help users and potential clients better interact with content and services. A new parent organization, Mint Consulting will house State of the Territory News and The Mint Academy — as they’ll be functioning as brands, supporting my consulting efforts.


Mint Consulting will function as a knowledge based consulting firm, focusing on brand consulting, resume building, web design, marketing and other special projects. Essentially, State of the Territory News will continue to deliver free news and content to a growing audience of over 4,000 readers — selling relevant services to expand on topics and skills that require more detailed instruction via The Mint Academy or Mint Consulting

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Great. Now that we’ve gotten all that junk out of the way, let’s talk promotions and updates! I’m sure some of you are wondering why I launched The Mint Academy when content creation is already a headache (for me, my sleep and my schedule). Launching on October 22nd, The Mint Academy is intended to be a collection of high quality courses, versus just a few created in house.

I couldn’t wait until October, so decided an amazing offer could help me quell my anxious thoughts leading up to the launch of a new program. Today, the Options Trading University and The Mint Academy are announcing a long-term partnership, to bring more dynamic courses to the line up. Norecia Callwood, a teacher and experienced trader will be leading over 15 courses to help you learn the basics of trading in the market.

Courtesy of Norecia Callwood herself, the Options Trading University will be offering the comprehensive beginner’s course — Stock Market Basics — for free! State of the Territory News has a niche audience that is constantly looking for more than just news, making this the newspaper’s first foray into education based consulting.

Sign-up for the Stock Market Basics course here and sign-up for other upcoming courses curated by The Mint Academy in the admissions portal. Over 40+ people have signed up so far, don’t miss out on quick courses that could help you learn new skills before the end of 2018. Also, make sure you join the private group for The Mint Academy on Facebook, trust me, it’s gonna be lit.

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