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Notes from the Black Congressional Summit: Everyone Must Participate in the 2020 Census


During the 2020 Black Congressional Summit, many topics that affect modern minority America was discussed. An important reoccurring topic was the upcoming 2020 US Census. Approximately $675 billion dollars in federal money is rooted in the census data. For minorities, the census data impacts funding in many critical areas, including schools and education, public transpiration and roads, housing assistance, historically black colleges and universities, Medicare, preventive health services, programs that back minority-owned business as well as job creation. The census decides which states pick up or lose seats in the House of Representatives. And it determines how those lines are drawn when redistricting starts in 2021.

A Fake Campaign Is being Used to Target Minorities

“The Department of Home Affairs are going door-to-door to confirm that everyone has valid IDs,” then “Be Careful would- be robbers are posing as officials from the Department of Home Affairs. Fake posts such as these are circulating throughout social media platforms and the Census Bureau says this is a hoax. This has been linked to several other flagged social media posts that share things like “Urgent Community Notice”, “USA Residents, or “Upcoming Census”. This has been hinted to be another smear campaign from foreign sources. These targets said to be a complex smear campaign by Russians and others who are interested to find away to weaken American democracy.


The scam now targeting U.S. residents is particularly insidious because it leaves the mistaken impression that U.S. residents may need “a valid ID” for the 2020 census. That is false, and potentially could discourage U.S. residents from participating in the decennial census, which counts every single person living in the U.S. regardless of legal status and citizenship. The decennial census does not gather social security information or even financial numbers.

The Census are not asking for any public identification.

The stakes are high for the United States Virgin Islands. Census results help communities in desperate need of funding get their fair share of billions of dollars in federal funds for schools, hospitals, roads, public works and other vital programs every year. An undercount in the census could also impact forecasts about Social Security payouts, which are already increasing as a share of the federal government’s revenue. The Census Bureau will protect the count but can’t do it alone. You can help make a real difference in the outcome.


Report inaccurate, suspicious or fraudulent information to the Census Bureau. If you see or hear something, tell us:

  • Report suspicious information and tips to
  • Reach out to us on our verified social media accounts (@USCensusBureau) to ask questions and flag suspicious information.
  • Call the Census Bureau Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-923-8282 to report suspicious activity.