Urban Threadz Begins Stocking Local Clothing from ‘Made in St. Thomas’


St. Thomas — There are only five days left in summer and Urban Threadz just began stocking handmade t-shirts by local clothing line Made in St. Thomas — also known as Mist. Urban Threadz first began stocking limited supplies of clothing from Mist in early April.

Made in St. Thomas clothing at Urban Threadz

Nearly five-months later, Made in St. Thomas founder Cody Richardson appears to have struck a long-term deal with Urban Threadz in the Havensight area. The deal is a big plus for the clothing line, since the store benefits from heavy shopping traffic from cruise ships.

Culture + Fashion

The clothing line became an instant hit for two reasons. The merchandise is made in St. Thomas and Virgin Islands natives wear the brand proudly in connection to where they were born.


The clothing received its first taste of success when the founder laid out dozens of shirts in a dorm room common area at the University of the Virgin Islands. He noted that people were fascinated by the shirts, but didn’t immediately take to them. The clothing line sold over 300 shirts in the four days that followed.

Made in St. Thomas studio — State of the Territory

Urban Threadz has lead its share of fashion trends in the Virgin Islands over the years. Pushing styles like Timberlands heavily when the famous boot brand was at its peak. Though times have changed, and many residents have turned to online shopping, Urban Threadz could reclaim its fashion crown by incorporating local fashion trends — like it did in the 90s.

State of the Territory

Mist is — arguably — the most recognizable urban clothing line made in the territory. This is true for a few reasons. When the first shirts printed, they were first given to vagrants and homeless people. Mist went on to make a few low-key cameos in a few significant music videos shot in the Virgin Islands in the past two years.

Made in St. Thomas

The t-shirts have made their way to Miami, Orlando, Atlanta and other cities with a dense population of Virgin Islanders. Many of which bought the merchandise online or decided to grab one while on island.

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Overtime, styles and imagery have evolved for Mist, making the clothing line known for its edgy photos, taken in urban areas of St. Thomas.


Scaling Operations

As Mist continues to scale its operations, its added ways for locals to customize and print their own designs. A surprise introduction of limited edition bodysuits in April made local summer wear cute just in time for Carnival 2018.

Made in St. Thomas

Mist has recently introduced an alternative design for its line, raising the local fowl into the spotlight, a symbol synonymous with Virgin Islands culture. Mist doesn’t seem pressed to ever jump onto the next clothing trend, instead, it jumps right into the culture.

Mist hibiscus and yellow cedar design — State of the Territory

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Operating from a unit in Fortress storage, Mist has been quiet about its expansion but excited about offering residents more designs to accompany the classic Made in St. Thomas t-shirts it started with two years ago.

Made in St. Thomas

When asked what advice he would give children or even adults who may decide to push a product to market one day, Richardson responded with, “Keep it pure.”

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