I Am My Brother’s Keeper: Celebrating the Legacy of “Brother’s With A Cause” 10 years in the Making


With their 10-Year anniversary right around the corner,  we look back at the history of UVI’s “Brothers With a Cause” initiative.  Brothers with a Cause is an organization founded by current UVI President, David Hall.

The brotherhood’s goal is to attract and guide male students to higher learning and to help provide tools and a network of support to help them strive.  This includes tutoring and mentor-ship programs for middle school and high school males, summer jobs, school year retreats, and more renowned, the annual Man-Up Conference. 

However, “Brothers with a Cause,” under the leadership of many great presidents, has grown not only in membership, but in vision and scope as well.  The main objective is still to assist males in the Virgin Islands in eventually obtaining college degrees, as well as to support the community, but they also strive to help males discover who they are and who they want to be in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment. This includes weekend educational seminars, sport retreats (football, basketball, sumo etc.), mixers with their sister organization called “Sisters with a Purpose,” camping, bonfires, and many other fun activities. 


So, parents who want their soon-to-be high school graduate male to find his way in college surrounded by role models who want him to succeed, look up “Brothers with a Cause!” Those in the community who are looking for volunteers, look no further than the well-established, dedicated group of men in BWC. 

Most importantly, wish them a happy 10 years of service in the Virgin Islands! May they have many more!  .

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