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Let’s Play a Game! VI Department of Education Announces New Game Room for BCB Students

St. Thomas — According to the Virgin Islands Department of Education’s official Facebook page, middle school just got a lot more fun — for the students at least!

Bertha C Boschulte Middle School (BCB) will now have a brand new game room sponsored by local business, Mickey Mania, which is an electronics company based out of Charlotte Amalie. BCB students are being challenged to improve their attendance, behavior, and academic performance for the opportunity to let loose and play in the new game room during their lunch breaks.

Source: VI Department of Education

Parents need not worry about their students becoming all fun and no work, however.  The game room also features project/homework assistance, tutoring for students struggling in classes, web browsing for research, and Lego Mindstorms Robotics (hardware-software equipment for making and designing robots from Lego parts.)

These services are being offered by the Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program led by the Department of Education. The idea uses the incentive of gaming as a way to challenge students to become more academically diligent. The gaming room provides an environment in which students can vent healthily and competitively, as well as learn and sharpen their academic pursuits.

The students at BCB Middle School appeared enormously grateful to their sponsor, Mickey Mania. They hope to one day have tournaments to further celebrate the facilities. The move to include a gaming room at BCB can be seen as nearing a “tech revolution” in the Virgin Islands.

Source: VI Department of Education

Scholarly findings have suggested for some time now there is a positive effect of media and media interaction in classroom settings. For example, video content is usually remembered more than lecture content.  As the PBIS implements this unique incentive program, the U.S. Virgin Islands also comes one step closer to harnessing the most from technology for the development of its people.