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” I Don’t want No Damn Excuses From People Making 6 Figures!” As tensions Rise During WAPA Exec. Hearing


The hearing for the subpoenaed WAPA executives are finally underway. The subpoena originally motioned by Senator Gittens let his and many other’s frustration be known throughout the hearing. From lack of presenting documents in an timely and even organized manner. To even recommending another rate raise despite abysmal power outages.

Senator Gittens States, “I don’t want no damn excuses from people making six figures; we need answers, and to sit here and say that the only solution is to raise the rates is a damn slap in the face. Maybe everyone of you need to go home from top to bottom. That is the restructuring that we need at the authority.”

He Continues, “We have some 17 to 19 at the top tier of the authority,” added Mr. Gittens, mentioning the annual salary amount to be more than $3 million. “And we pay that every payday. 19 people in the top tier, 17 of which are paid in the six digits.” (Combined Exec salary is over $2,000,000)


As for the base rates WAPA has a history of requesting additional funds without detailed purposes. This includes a dozen individual credit cards which is used for undisclosed expenses. This proposed rate which has to be approved by the Public Service Commission is to help WAPA secure another lender.

This comes after The Governor Albert Bryan shows support for WAPA by stating, “Ask the tough questions,” the governor advised during a weekly Government House press briefing Monday. “Ask the questions that need to be asked – but please don’t make disparaging comments that are baseless about corruption and mismanagement unless you have proof.”