St. Croix Restaurant, Gas Lamp VI Offering Free Lunch for Federal Workers Today


A month after an overwhelmingly positive restaurant launch, Gas Lamp located in La Grande Princess isn’t done yet. The restaurant, owned by Wendell Claxton and Kadeem Pemberton is offering complimentary lunch for federal workers on island being affected by the partial government shutdown.

In a social media post, Gas Lamp along with Common Sense invited residents furloughed or affected by the shutdown to swing by for lunch — on the house.

The has post received nearly 300 shares since Monday. The menu will consist of rice and chicken or fish, with a side of veggies. The restaurant posted “Let us show our appreciation for all your hard work and dedication!”


The extraordinary gesture comes days after Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett announced in a statement that she would be sending a joint letter to the White House along with Resident Commissioner Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon of Puerto Rico regarding disaster funds and the president’s proposed border wall.

“We are opposed to this approach, without question. These funds were approved by Congress and The White House specifically for the recovery, and it is simply improper for the President to now siphon off the funding to the wall–a 5th century solution to a modern day challenge”, Plaskett said Monday.

Over 50 National Park Service employees have been furloughed as the shutdown continues into its 27th day — marking the longest government shutdown in United States history.

The show of gratitude from Gas Lamp and Common Sense highlights Virgin Islanders coming together a year after two historic storms made landfall. Gas Lamp will begin serving federal employees from 11AM-1PM today.

You can rate Gas Lamp on Google Maps here.

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