Virgin Islanders Shutdown Cardow’s Fashion Blunder — Gucci Hoops in 2019?


St. Thomas — We cover tech, culture, and politics in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and boy do we have some culture for you today. The internet is a magical place and figuring out what customers want can take some serious research, and success isn’t always guaranteed.

Source: Cardow Jewelers, St. Thomas

On Friday, Cardow Jewelers rolled out a marketing campaign on social media to promote a few new products in their lineup — introducing, the gucci hoop. The jeweler’s social media page has over 5,000 followers and they immediately pounced on the fashion faux pas and have shared the promotion nearly 200 times on Facebook.

The comments and shares include gripes from gucci link collectors who believe that the company pushed the limits of fashion with the new design. The new set of earrings incorporates gucci links, creating a pair of hoops that are sure to stand out. The Main Street jewler even introduced stud-like gucci earrings for those who prefer a lowkey style.


Gucci earrings are the hallmark of Virgin Islands fashion and culture, especially for younger residents. It’s not uncommon for Virgin Islanders living abroad to return home in search of fresh gucci links for a chain or other pieces of jewelry they’d like to take back to the mainland.

What’s crazy about the gucci links and their popularity with each generation, is that my mom put me on at the age of 16 and I’m now 26. Even moms knows what’s up!

Cardow Jewelers has the largest selection of jewelry in St. Thomas. It is also the oldest jewelry store in St. Thomas and continues to receive the “The Best Jewelry in the USVI” award from the Virgin Islands Daily News.

Cardow handled the misfire fairly well. Responding to one commenter with, “Noted! The feedback is much appreciated fam!” It’s unclear if Cardow Jewelers will return to the drawing board or scratch the unpopular hoop design altogether, but they do seem keen to figure out what the public likes instead. “Might as well take off ayo foot chain dem n stick it to yuh ear den…🧐🤷🏽‍♂️💁🏽‍♂️💁🏽‍♂️,” one Facebook user joked.

The company’s gucci studs were well received, with some users asking if they could make online orders. Shipping is becoming a game changer for storefronts in the Virgin Islands, you can order merch on Cardow’s official website here and push the boundaries of high fashion with their new gucci hoops if you’re brave enough.

Customers living off-island can purchase items before arriving for special events like Carnival or the Cruzan Christmas Festival, avoiding the parking nightmare in Downtown Charlotte Amalie.

To be fair, only a handful of the population in the territory and those living abroad have responded to the post. Many of the comments don’t gain the new gucci link design any points, but that could change as more residents learn about its existence.

State of the Territory News covered this fashion miss, for the culture. Our recommendation, this could be an interesting look for Carnival costumes this year. It’s worth taking a second look for Virgin Islanders who push the boundaries of fashion, however, we do not recommend these hoops for casual outings on island.

This story is developing so stand by for more announcements from the fashion geniuses at Cardow. Featured image by TripAdvisor.

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