DHS Finally Recognizes White Nationalism as Terrorism Threat


Department of Homeland Security is finally, officially recognizing white supremacist terror as a major national security threat in the U.S. — a threat that’s coming from the inside. DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan on Friday unveiled the DHS’s new counterism strategy, which for the 1st time in American history, places major emphasis on dealing with the extreme threat of white nationalism coming from inside the U.S.

After the several church/mosque attacks last march Donald Trump himself shrugged off the validity of the white nationalist threat. Under his administration several DHS programs that were designed to counter violent extremism. For those who are unaware DHS was created after 9/11 as a part of a overall counterterroism strategy.

After a white nationalist targeted Hispanics shopping at Walmart in El Paso, Texas, in August, leaving 22 dead, McAleenan said he was even more confident that DHS needed a new counterterrorism strategy.


“The United States faces an evolving threat environment and a threat of terroroism and targeted violence within our borders that is more diverse than at any time since the 9/11 attacks,” McAleenan said on Friday. “We are acutely aware of the growing threat from enemies, both foreign and domestic, who seek to incite violence in our nation’s youth, disenfranchised, and disaffected, in order to attack their fellow citizens.”

It is truly about time.

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