Devil Rays and Chicken Hawks Face-Off This Evening: Don’t Miss it


The 2019-2020 inter-island tackle football league presents the Championship game this afternoon Thursday 5th December at the Lionel Roberts Stadium. The Public is invited to attend and to cheer on the young athletes as they compete. The tickets can be bought at the game for adults at $5.00 while students with CAHS or IEKHS ID Cards pay $2.00. students are reminded to have their ID’s for this special price and would have to pay $3.00 if their ID’s were forgotten. 

While we get pumped for the game to cheer on our Alma Matas. Whether you are a chicken hawk or devil ray State of the Territory has some tips that can help you make the most out of game day.


1. Rep a Team with a Team Shirt

Represent your team not only with cheers but with merchandise. T-shirts, Hats and other merchandise can help you have slot of fun while also encouraging the players on the team and fueling friendly competition amongst your friends.

2. Stay Hydrated and full.

Vendors and food vans will be present. Remember to grab your favourite snack whether it’s a hotdog or a bag of popcorn don’t let game day catch you with an empty stomach.

3. No Bad Vybes

Student athletes try hard to perform for many reasons, the love of the game is a reason for many. The students also want to show their fans how good they are and what they are made of. Although the game may get spirited and some fans very passionate; fans are urged not to disrespect, jeer or boo players. It’s harder than it looks.

4. Have Fun

The final and most important tip is to have fun, enjoy yourself and support your team wholesomely.

Whether you are a Chicken Hawk or a Devil Ray,  kickoff starts today come on out and support our Youth.

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