Tarantula Wasps in the Virgin Islands Kill Tarantulas & Bury the Carcasses

Ads Note: The exact species (including the scientific name) of tarantula hawk wasps that inhabit the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are not identified in this story. State of the Territory News has requested digital access to at least one scientific journal in Puerto Rico that has studied tarantula hawk wasps and their behavior. … Read more

These 5 Animals Eat Cockroaches in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

Ads Cockroaches have succeeded because they benefit from the success of humans. They seek shelter in homes, office spaces, and restaurants. Many live their lives outdoors in mulch and vegetation, especially in warmer climates. And while they may wander into your home, the vast majority of cockroaches are born outside.  Sewers provide food, water, and … Read more

UVI Reports Another Devastating Coral Bleaching Event in the Virgin Islands Not Seen Since 2005

Ads St. Thomas 𑁋 In 2005, scientists at the University of the Virgin Islands measured unprecedented increases in ocean temperatures resulting in mass coral bleaching and mortality. At that time, approximately 60% of our shallow-water corals bleached and died. Between August to October this year, increases in ocean temperatures nearly as severe as the 2005 … Read more

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