Read: Military Report Warned of ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ in USVI, Puerto Rico

Ads St. Thomas — “The potential for government failure and the resulting humanitarian crisis on Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands is high,” reads the recently unclassified J-2 assessment obtained by the House Oversight Committee. The previously classified military assessment written five days after hurricane Maria struck the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico … Read more

This Week: FEMA Sends World’s Largest Plane with Hurricane Aide to Guam

Ads St. Thomas — Two Ukrainian cargo planes charterned by FEMA landed in Guam earlier this week to bring disaster supplies. The crafts that rarely take flight, brought supplies for Guamanians — who are U.S. citizens — right before a powerful typhoon made landfall this week. The arrival of the world’s largest plane — the … Read more

Hurricane Isaac Threatens to Push Nadir’s Bridge-To-Nowhere Completion to 2019

Ads St. Thomas — As the Virgin Islands and other Caribbean islands recognize the one-year anniversaries of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, construction in the region on major resorts and residential properties has been steaming ahead for months — hurricane Isaac’s increasing strength has government officials and businesses preparing for another unpredictable storm. North Carolina Gov. … Read more

4 Reasons Uber is Available in Puerto Rico & not the Virgin Islands

Ads St. Thomas — Any Virgin Islander who has used Uber’s ride hailing service has floated the idea — at least once — of hailing an Uber from anywhere in the territory. Residents and visitors, would be able to hail cabs, mainly driven by locals who have undergone background checks for access to Uber’s worldwide … Read more

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