Can Your Student Script a Movie? 1st Sarah and Addie Skit Writing Competition

Ads A follow up to the huge Virgin Islands made film “Sarah & Addie” the Division of Cultural Education opened a competition in which all VI students can write their own versions of Sarah & Addie and submit it to their Division. The winning script will be professionally filmed and produced.  This will be collaborated … Read more

VIPD, Thanks Public for Violence Free Crucian Christmas Festival

Ads St. Thomas 𑁋 The Virgin Islands Police Department publicly thanked and shared words of praise with residents for having a violence-free Crucian Christmas Festival. The USVI Division of Festivals received rave reviews for successfully pulling off its first festival on the big island since it replaced the Virgin Islands Carnival Committee. “VIPD is happy … Read more

Global Giving Tuesday: A Message From The St.Thomas Recovery Team

Ads Let’s start this announcement with great news; four St. Thomian families were able to watch or help us hammer in the final nail and connect the final fittings to complete our personal recovery plans! STRT’s staff, local volunteers, and national volunteers from all over the continental United States came together to make several St. … Read more

Let Your Voice Be Heard: VIWAPA Is Holding Public Hearings

Ads The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority will hold public hearings on multiple dates in December. The purpose of these hearings are to highlight the Power Authority’s “Integrated Resource Plan”. This plan is suppose to give a detail description of WAPA’s plan throughout 2044. They State ” The overall objective of the plan is … Read more

The Last Tsunami to Strike the Virgin Islands Arrived 10 Minutes After the Earthquake

Ads St. Thomas 𑁋 For decades, scientists have warned that the Caribbean Sea is geologically active. The Carribean Plate is a mostly oceanic tectonic plate underlying the Caribbean Sea and Central America and stretches as far as the northern coast of South America. Danish West Indies Tsunami of 1867 A treasure trove of documents, first-hand … Read more

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