Congress Ends Ban on Religious Headwear, Reversing 181-Year-old Law

Ads Last week, the newly Democratic-controlled House tossed out a 181-year-old rule that banned hats from the floor to accommodate lawmakers who wear religious headwear. On Thursday, the first two female Muslim congressional representatives in history took office. The move was championed by House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and others. The new rule is a … Read more

Congress to Vote on Cockfighting in U.S. Territories; Ignore Voting Rights

Ads St. Thomas — Congress is set to vote on a landmark “Farm Bill” that has set the stage for the official ban of cockfighting in all five of the U.S. territories. The measure has gained the support of the Humane Society but has been opposed by all five non-voting territorial representatives in Congress. U.S. … Read more

The U.S. Virgin Islands Changed Course: Here’s What Might Come Next

Ads St. Thomas — On the 20th of November, the results of a high stakes runoff election broke a cycle for winning incumbents. Governor-Elect Albert Bryan and Lt. Governor-Elect Tregenza Roach came out on top, after a packed — and arguably unusual — election cycle. Making Governor Mapp the first sitting governor to lose a … Read more

After Attacking Democrats, Mapp Embraces 7 Democratic Endorsements

Ads St. Thomas — It’s election day — again — and polls have been open in both districts since 7 a.m. The Mapp/Potter team has changed it’s strategy and messaging to close the gap between Democratic opponents Albert Bryan and Sen. Tregenza Roach. The Mapp-Potter team has received its share of Democratic endorsements. Here are … Read more

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