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Capturing the Beauty of the Virgin Islands Through Nature with Kayden Richards


Kayden Richards is a nature photographer who loves to capture unique and beautiful images of nature in the Caribbean and the world. He uses his website to bring this imagery in unique variants. This includes screensavers, metal prints, landscape imagery, etc.  A St. Johnian native with an eye for the unique. He is passionate about capturing the untamed beauty in nature. 

His photographic eye allows his viewers to vividly experience the very moment he captures. From the embrace of the Caribbean Sea as you take your plunge, to the sound of a critter rustling their way through leaves. His photographs give viewers a sense of adventure and activates all your senses. 


Kayden’s passion can be seen through his photos by the thought and precision of his angles and how he elaborately takes the time to study his subjects. It can also be inferred that he enjoys being around luscious scenes of nature while at the same time pursuing a career that he loves. 

This is perfect for those who currently live, and understand the true beauty and gift of living in the Caribbean. Those who appreciate that beauty and desire to capture that beauty in their homes forever.  It is also perfect for those visitors who were astounded by the sheer beauty of the Virgin Islands and wants to carry a piece of that home with them. We let his work speak for itself.

Support this local visionary: 

Instagram: tsunamis_photography 

Facebook: Tsunami’s Photography