The World is Googling Albert Bryan More Than Governor Mapp


St. Thomas — Albert Bryan Jr., the Democratic nominee battling for the highest office in the U.S. Virgin Islands has proved to be Governor Mapp’s most formidable opponent. 2018 has had its fair share of twists, turns and surprises. So here’s another big one. When news broke on election night that Bryan managed to secure more votes than incumbent Governor Mapp, Google detailed what happened in its public data.

Worldwide search trends after election night on November 6th

For clarity, there are several Albert Bryans living around the world. Throughout the year, Google Search Trends showed that the term Albert Bryan was searched more often than Governor Mapp. Though Governor Mapp was likely mentioned more times online than Albert.

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The term “Albert Bryan” out-searched “Governor Mapp” on two significant nights, the August Democratic primaries and November 6th and 7th following the General Election in the territory.

Worldwide search trends following the 2018 August Democratic primaries

Google is the largest search engine in the world. Today, over 3 billion people of the world’s 7 billion human population are online, and Google covers 86 percent of that traffic. After securing the party’s nomination and receiving endorsements from defeated candidates Angel Dawson and Allison ‘Allie’ Petrus, Bryan’s search lead went through the roof.

Google’s public data shows Bryan with a comfortable 89 point lead out of a total of 100 points. Bryan’s lead hovered around the 20-40 point range previously.

The data provided shouldn’t infer that the Bryan/Roach campaign has locked in the November 20th run-off election. What it does show, is that Virgin Islanders, and others watching the territory’s election are curious about the #ChangeCourseNow movement.

Virgin Islanders living abroad, bond market analysts and cruise industry influencers are likely plugged in to the high profile race as well.

The newcomer’s campaign skyrocketed after both Dawson and Petrus surrendered their headquarters to the Bryan/Roach team after the primaries declared Bryan the Democratic party’s nominee.

At the start of the campaign season, Bryan’s campaign managed to outmaneuver opponents with its social media strategy. As the race heated up, Governor Mapp’s campaign launched it’s own social media campaign in response.

The 2018 General Election transformed into a run-off showdown after the Bryan/Roach campaign received the most votes at the ballot box. A candidate must secure more than 50 percent of the vote to secure Government House. The Mapp/Potter team have launched a stream of attack ads after the Bryan/Roach team backed out of a final debate before the run-off election.

Most recent vote count:

Albert Bryan/Sen. Tregenza Roach 9,595 37.93

Gov. Kenneth Mapp/Lt. Governor Osbert Potter 8,501 33.60

Editor’s note: This article, nor the data provided by Google proves that billions, or even millions of people are searching for Albert Bryan or Governor Mapp. The data reflects increases and decreases in search traffic in the context Virgin Islands public figures.

Featured images first seen on the VI Consortium and the Albert Bryan for Governor official website.

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