Storyteller, Yohance Releases Sophomore Book, Anansi and Mongoose

Ads I had the chance to sit with Yohance Henley who, among many other things, is a writer, storyteller and father from St. Thomas, USVI. Henley grew up as a self-described “project baby,” raised in various public housing communities on St. Thomas. He studied in public schools and at the University of the Virgin Islands, where … Read more

No, Mulan Will Not Be Transgender. Yes, you were duped. And this is a big problem.

Ads The headline read “Disney announces Mulan will be transgender in 2020 live-action remake,” and the article made its rounds on Facebook; it appeared on my feed multiple times from several Facebook friends, with variations of the same outraged captions. “They have to ruin everything” or “the alphabet people gettin’ annoyin’ now.” The only problem? … Read more

12 Hours+ ‘the Work of a Good Musician Experimenting With his Sound’

Ads 12 Hours+ is a collection of instrumentals produced by Tariq Lionel, in what I consider to be one of the most fascinating mashups I’ve ever witnessed. According to his Facebook post about the project, Lionel says “I consider [12 Hours+] to be a melting pot of my creativity,” and it certainly is a melting … Read more

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