Angel Bolques Dismisses Parenting Rumors, Posts Receipts Online


St. Thomas — Candidate for Senator-at-Large, Angel Bolques addressed claims that he abandoned his son in a pointed statement hours ago. Bolques, 40, is one of five candidates seeking a seat for Senator-at-Large in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

To set the record straight, Bolques posted over twenty images, to include documents detailing his payments to the Department of Justice Paternity and Child Support Division and quite literally, receipts for everything.

Bolques’ statement was a response to accusations of being a “deadbeat father running for Senator-at-Large.” The St. John resident says he, “never had an issue like this until now that I have chosen to seek political office.” It’s Thursday, and you just got your morning tea. 🍵🐸


Candidates for Senator-at-Large:

Angel Bolques Jr., no party

Brian A. Smith, Democrat

Sherry-Ann Francis, no party

Stacie January, Democrat

Steven D. Payne, Democrat

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