State of the Territory News is a digital news startup based in Charlotte Amalie that focuses on tech, culture, and politics in the U.S. Virgin Islands and similar U.S. territories.

State of the Territory News falls under the umbrella of Mint & Company as a dedicated news and marketing product. Our team focuses on brand consulting, resume building, web design, marketing, and special projects. Essentially, State of the Territory News delivers free news and content to a growing audience of over 4,000 readers — offering services that expand on topics and skills that require more detailed instruction.

Creative Director & Marketing Specialist

Makiel Cepeda is the Creative Director at State of the Territory News. Makiel is also a Marketing Specialist based in North Carolina who is originally from St. Croix.



Amaziah George, 28, is the founder and product manager of State of the Territory News.  He was born and raised in St. Thomas and called the Bovoni Community home for most of his childhood. He is also the managing director at Mint & Company and has worked in management, recruiting, and communications at Government House. Amaziah is a Marine Corps veteran interested in artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, astrophysics, corporate earnings, and global trends.

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