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A-List of 15+ Public Schools to Follow on Social Media in the U.S. Virgin Islands


St. Thomas — Public schools in the U.S. Virgin Islands are growing their online presence using social media and have been sharing updates, information about school events and other activities on campus. Schools in both districts have been active on social media throughout the year and the Virgin Islands Department of Education (DOE) now boasts over a dozen individual social media pages for schools on St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John.

“Social media is here to stay and we’ll be missing the perfect opportunity to engage and inform parents and other stakeholders online if we didn’t utilize it,” former director of public relations at DOE, Keva Muller said in May. “Using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow us to create our own narrative and deliver messages directly to our audience. It’s a great tool to have and it works well for us.”

Public schools in the Virgin Islands are now able to share important updates and changes to school operations that keep students, parents, teachers, and staff at various educational institutions informed and on the same page. We’ve compiled a list of active social pages (with links) from public schools on each island for the public to follow and share:


Territory-wide (Central DOE Pages)

St. Croix District

St. Thomas – St. John District

Some schools were left out because they are automatically generated pages, created by Facebook’s algorithm. They are not official pages and are not controlled or managed by the Virgin Islands Department of Education.

To keep the list accurate, we’ve excluded them from this article. Feel free to mention any we missed in the comments.