20 Songs R. City Wrote or Produced for the Music Industry


Charlotte Amalie 𑁋 If you caught our previous article in December titled, 20 Songs You Didn’t Know R. City Wrote or Produced, here’s a few more. R. City has written over 400 songs for the music industry, so we could be chipping away at this list for quite a bit.

We sourced many of these songs from R. City’s official Tidal profile, and put together a list of 5 Musicians Evolving the Sound of R&B in the Virgin Islands. Here are 20 songs written or produced by R. City:

1. Rollercoaster – Janet Jackson

2. Text Message – Jamie Foxx

Note – there’s also a version with Chris Brown


3. Exit Wounds Luke James

4. Lucky Me – Chris Brown

5. Loudest Silence – Tessanne Chin

This video sucks, but it’s the only version available on YouTube, apologies.

6. New Nu – Keyshia Cole

7. Be My Baby – Ariana Grande

8. Damn – Candice Glover

9. Pretty Brown Eyes – Cody Simpson

This song may not feel like an R&B track, but imagine if it landed on a Chris Brown album in 2008. 🤷🏾‍♂️

10. The Rain – Akon

11. We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus

12. Runaway Love – Justin Bieber

13. Billy Crystal – Yelawolf

Not R&B, but you should give this fella’s track a spin anyway.

14. Dance Like We’re Making Love – Ciara

15. So Blue – Fantasia

16. This is How We Roll – Fifth Harmony

17. If This Isn’t Love – Jennifer Hudson

18. I Bet – Ciara

19. Body Rock – Fifth Harmony

Another song with R&B influences and a heavy beat.

Music for Love – Mario

Featured image from R. City’s single titled, Tings Yuh See On St.Thomas While Ridin’ A Dollar Safari

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